Accidental Birders

We have always had a love for nature and we enjoy identifying the animals we see. When we started really traveling in 2011, we began using our cameras to help us with the challenge of identifying birds. This has turned into a hobby. We have thousands of photos of birds – some are captive, but we don’t count those. These pages are for the birds (haha, see what I did there?). We might have a few misidentified, so feel free to lead us in the right direction if you find a mistake.

we don’t like birds we love them!

Birds are listed in alphabetical order by species, subspecies. So a Chipping Sparrow will be listed as Sparrow, Chipping. Beneath that will be the general location in which we photographed the bird.

As of our last count, in January of 2024, we have photographed 1109 separate species of birds around the world. We’ve seen several more than that, but alas, our cameras missed some.

North America




Central & South America


New Zealand