Boise & a Good Friend

Boise & a Good Friend

This morning we headed to Boise to visit my old friend, Robin, whom I’ve known for 42 years – we have a happy history together.

We stopped in a farming area to mail my sister’s (60th) birthday cards and a present I got her on our trip from Egypt then we went to Twin Falls to see Shoshone Falls. The last time we were there the falls were just a trickle, this time they were pouring over.

Once we got in to Boise, we checked into the KOA in Meridian, just outside of the city. We had cable TV and watched “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. It rained all night making for pleasant night’s sleep.

Sunday morning I met Robin for breakfast and we chatted for 2.5 hours straight, catching up. I love spending time with her. We laughed and said sad farewells, then Alan picked me up and we returned to camp.

After dumping the RV we went to Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and saw Piute Ground Squirrels, Feriginous Hawks and Prairie Falcons – and one sitting a nest! Alan took off on a hike without me and saw white pelicans and got an awesome photo of a Prairie falcon in flight. I didn’t hike because my knees have been killing me. I started a round of Prednisone to try and fight the arthritic inflammation.