California Coast

We had a lazy morning of it, then drove to Pismo Beach in hopes of securing some dune buggies for a ride along the beach. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out, the tide wasn’t playing nice and we had other plans for the afternoon.

We did take a little time and walked out to the beach and up on a sand dune before leaving.

On the ride to Pismo Beach our brand new RV got its first ding; a truck in front of us kicked up a rock and it put a little ding on the windshield. Sad.

We drove on up the coast along the PCH to Piedras Blancas Beach, also known as Elephant Seals Beach. There were lots of seals there, all females and their young. We only saw one big male. They were lazing about enjoying the warmth of the sun, but Alan got a few nice photos of a couple of young seals arguing with each other.

Our goal today was to go to Pheiffer Big Sur State Park, hike, and take pictures of a waterfall, and the Keyhole Arch. As Alan drove I looked up information on the park and found that it was closed due to severe storm damage. We decided to go up anyway and see Keyhole, but as we got further up the coastline, the fog rolled in and got so thick we could only see about 50 yards in front of us. So, being smart people, we nixed the trip and went back to our campsite at King City.