Cruizin’ the Caribbean

For a couple of years we have discussed taking a cruise with my cousin, Angel and her husband, Kevin. The Covid pandemic created a bit of a roadblock for all of us. A few months ago however, we were finally able to schedule an eleven day cruise with Princess Cruise Lines.

The trip took us to Princess’s private caye for some sun, sand and a dip in the pristine waters. From there we visited Antigua, Saint Thomas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, and Saint Kitts.

We took tours of each location, and at two of the ports we took catamaran tours. One of the catamarans grilled lobster for lunch, and supplied us with champagne and other tropical beverages. We drove off the boat and swam in the ocean until we pruned up. It was a perfect way to spend a day.

We visited several locations on the islands and learned about their history and exports.

The other catamaran tour took us to the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park on St. John. We now have just 6 national parks left to visit!

After this tour we decided to stop and try the local cuisine at a restaurant recommended to us by my cousin; El Fredo’s. It was an out of the way little place with delicious fare.

Aardi went along on this trip and had maybe a little too much fun. ;)