Grand Canyon West Skywalk

The day started out badly; while backing out of the parking area at the Las Vegas hotel, Alan accidentally backed into a pillar damaging the back fender a bit. Not much we could do at that point, so as planned, we drove to the RV repair place for replacement of the sewer storage tube. While there we figured we’d ask them to see if they could also hammer out the fender as best as they could, and they did. While they worked on replacing the tube they discovered one of the back tires had been damaged so bad that it was in danger of a blowout. They think it might have been when the RV took a corner and road up on a curb. At their suggestion we made a phone call and then limped the RV to Southern Tire to get it fixed. We can highly recommend these guys – they took very good care of us.

Once we were on the road again we drive out to see Grand Canyon West and take a walk on the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a glass floored walkway that juts out over the Grand Canyon. Since they don’t allow cameras or cell phones out there, we had our picture taken and bought one.

A crack in the canyon wall.
Grand Canyon West

The next day was spent running errands and doing a massive amount of laundry. Afterward we visited my “little brother”, Jon, and his lovely wife, Kelly, who fed us a delicious meal of eye of round, scalloped potatoes, carrots and salad. Yum! Because he sort of dared me, I tried some of John’s 80% gin too. Just a sip and it evaporated off my tongue before I could swallow that little bit! OMG. We boondocked out in front of their house for the night after hunting for scorpions in their backyard.