Lake Como, Italy

Monday, October 23
Today is another travel day, we are headed to Lake Como. We took a boat taxi to Venice’s bus station where we were picked up by our driver who drove us to Como, about a 3.5 hour drive. The hotel is a small luxury boutique hotel and one of the finest we’ve ever been in. We had dinner upstairs in their restaurant which turned out was another Michelin Star restaurant.

Tuesday, October 24
Today’s tour was cancelled due to bad weather. We slept in on one of the most comfortable beds we’ve ever been on, had a lazy breakfast, then lunch with Edie. No George Clooney sightings today, but we left Edie downstairs so she could keep an eye out for him. Haha. Dinner was at a restaurant a few blocks down the street.

Wednesday, October 25
Today Alan and I are doing a boat tour on Lake Como, stopping at Varenna. Martina is our guide and Miguel was our boat captain. The scenery on the boat ride was gorgeous. Martina made sure to point out George Clooney’s villa, but alas no sightings or pictures for Edie. In Varenna, we visited the Church of San Giorgio before we headed to Villa Monastero and the botanical garden. The gardens were beautifully manicured, and the structures were very “Italian”.

While we were walking back to our hotel, Karen took a misstep on the uneven sidewalk and once again broke her ankle. This time she was pretty sure it was the same injury. Alan got her back to the hotel room and went out in search of a walking cane at a pharmacia. He succeeded and Karen decided to join Edie in the wheelchair brigade in the airports. After everything was settled at the hotel we gathered Edie up and all went out to dinner next door.

The next day we were driven to Milan for our flight home.