Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

After breakfast at McDonald’s we were on our way to Lassen Volcanic National Park. It was a long day of driving. I started us out on NV Hwy. 50, the “Loneliest Highway in America”, and it was. Not much for about 250 miles and only the occasional vehicle coming from the opposite direction. It lived up to its name.

We stopped in Reno so I could buy a new pair of jeans (my current pair got too big – or maybe I’ve lost a few pounds), and then we got back on the road.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lassen Volcanic National Park is a fascinating location. Only 102 years ago Lassen blew its top and could be seen from more than 50 miles away. There are some sulfur springs and mud pots still bubbling. The park has loads of information. Regarding volcanoes and specifically how Lassen reshaped the land here.

We drove from one end of the park to the other and then back again

We saw the Devastated Area, Hot Rocks, and the Sulphur Springs. We hiked out to Cold Boiling Lake and took some pictures then called it a day.