Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Friday, October 27, 2017

Monument Valley is aptly named, it’s monolithic spires, buttes, and other formations stand out by themselves as sacred monuments to the Navajo Tribe.

The park was frequently used as a filming location for Western movies, the first of which was by John Ford, starring John Wayne.

I competed with Alan for “who’s less afraid of heights” but I still think he has the top prize.

After leaving the park we drove 1.5 hours to Four-Corners, the location where Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado join together at the corners. Of course, this is not the “real” location, the real location is highly debated, but is estimated to be anywhere from 200 yards to 1.5 miles away. It didn’t matter to us, we just enjoyed seeing it and being there. Aardie got in on the fun too.