Rome, Italy

Monday, October 9
This vacation is special, as we are including Edie on our trip to Italy. Today we flew to Newark and then on to Rome. The flight from Newark to Rome was about 1.5 hours late due to mechanical concerns. The flight to Rome was about 11.5 hours.

Tuesday, October 10
When we got to Rome, we waited about 30 minutes for our driver, but he finally showed up. After arriving at the hotel, we decided to skip the tiramisu and gelato making event – Edie was far too tired. After a good rest, we all went to Rosina Cucina Di Casa for dinner and of course had gelato for dessert.

Wednesday, October 11
This morning we are going on a Treasures of Ancient Rome tour. Our guide today is Ilona.

Our hotel is near the Tiber River and not far from where Julius Caesar was killed on the Ides of March.
We did a tour of the Coliseum, and then while Edie rested, Alan and I went with Ilona and walked through the Arch of Constantine to see the Roman Forum.

The driver took us back to our hotel and then drove past it to drop us off at a sandwich shop where we had paninis. Afterwards we rested at the hotel for a few hours. I checked in with Edie and then Alan and I took off on foot to see the Pantheon, and then the Trevi Fountain. Along the way, we stopped at Don Nino Gelatteria for a gelato and a short rest. Karen stopped at multiple medicinal marijuana shops to get some THC to help Edie.

Thursday, October 12
Today we are headed to the Vatican. We visited the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit St. Peter’s basilica. Poor Edie struggled to complete the tour. It was at this point we realized she was going to need help getting around beyond the sit-down cane which ended up being broken at the Vatican. So we asked Tasneem’s and crew to help arrange for a wheelchair for the rest of the trip. They came through with flying colors.

In the evening after dinner, we walked across the bridge that crosses the Tiber River.