Thursday, March 11

We visited Harris Neck NWR first thing and saw a few different species of warblers. The drive from the entrance to the visitor center was lined with live oaks drenched in hanging moss so Karen finally got to get some landscape photography in. While Karen took these pictures Alan walked out on a boardwalk and snapped some nice photos of a male belted kingfisher.

Having been here a few years ago, we remembered the layout and hiked a little bit, and drove the wildlife trail. There were loads of birds about, their calls and songs were everywhere, but spotting them was a huge challenge. We did see the wood storks at their rookery, and snapped a couple of pictures of some flying overhead.

After a nice picnic lunch at the NWR we headed to camp at Santee State Park, SC. What should have been a 3 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive with traffic on I-95 backed up for miles because of road work, plus highway patrol had pulled a few folks over.

Karen made salads and cooked up a one pot meal of spam with rice and vegetables korma for dinner.