Visiting an Old Friend

Visiting an Old Friend

Since we weren’t expected at my best friend from high school, Polly and her husband, Terry’s until late afternoon, we decided to stop at a McDonald’s for breakfast and use their WiFi to blog and catch up on a few things. After 20 minutes we had to leave – they had the air conditioning cranked up and it was 54 degrees outside! I looked up the local library and found they had free WiFi, even from their parking lot! I love public libraries.

We spent most of the morning at the library then left to get lunch and head to Polly’s in Lake, Michigan.

We arrived at close to 4:00pm to hugs, happy dogs and mooing cows – Polly and Terry run an organic dairy farm. It was so good to see them again.

Polly put together a wonderful dinner of soup, with yummy apple crisp for desert. What a treat! We caught up, played with the dogs, and relaxed. Polly and I talked knitting and she shared some patterns with me.

We boondocked just outside their front door and slept well.

The next morning we visited briefly with them in the before heading out for Rochester and visits with family and more friends.