Saturday, May 27

Today we are moving on to our last country on this trip, Slovenia.  Specifically we are going to the city of Ljubljana, pronounced Lee-ub-ee-ah-na, which translates to beloved.

After getting dropped at our hotel and settling in, we walked around the old town and came upon a craft fair and hamburger fair going on for the weekend. We ate burgers at a restaurant at the edge of the festival and watched people attempt to ride a motorized bull like you’d find in the States.

Sunday, May 28

We have the morning free before our evening food tour so we spent the first couple of hours of the day on our own exploring the town.

We took the Funicular to Ljubljana Castle and did an audio tour of the castle.

Up at the castle, we discovered a puppet museum. The puppets were old string puppets and some of them were really creepy looking, but the creativeness and art was fascinating. I even recognized one of the puppets, a mouse, as Topo Gigio from the 1960’s.

Afterward we took a 45 minute relaxing boat ride along the Ljubljania River, had Top Dog hotdogs at the burger fest, bought a piece of art, then crossed the Dragon Bridge.

Afterward we rested at the hotel until it was time for our four-hour city and Food Tour.

Monday, May 29 

Today we are spending the day at Lake Bled. Once we arrived at Lake Bled, we took photos of the medieval castle that overlooks the lake.  Then we took a gondola ride to Bled Island which is home to the Church of the Virgin’s Nativity.   We bought tickets to explore the church and had the opportunity to ring the famous “Bell of Wishes”.  We were lucky enough to have the interior of the church to ourselves for a short period of time.

We returned via the gondola and got some lunch in town before continuing on to Lake Bohinj, the largest glacier lake in Slovenia.  Here we had some time to hike and explore before it was time to head back to Ljubljana.   

Tuesday, May 30

Today we start our trip home. Early in the morning we received a text notifying us that our flight would be delayed about 20 minutes. No problem. About an hour later we received another text, this one telling us we would be delayed more. This became worrisome. Then another delay was reported and we realized that there was no way we would make our connection in Washington DC. I got on the mobile app and “chatted” with an agent to arrange for another flight. They got us on one about 9 hours later than the original. Once I had that confirmed I arranged for a hotel room nearby. Then, while at the airport the flight got delayed even more. Finally we boarded, waited more than an hour, and then our 5:10pm flight took off at 8:58pm from Frankfurt.