We went on our first overseas trip for scuba diving by going with a group of divers to the island of Bonaire. Bonaire is municipality of the Netherlands, lying just off Venezuela’s coast in the southern Caribbean. Its coast is protected by Bonaire National Marine Park. Besides marine life, Bonaire also shelters lizards, donkeys and birds and has a sea salt mining operation.

We stayed at Divi Dive Flamingo resort. The resort is ideal for divers in that it has its own dock and on that dock, lockers for divers’ gear. Just bring a good lock and you don’t have to lug your gear back and forth to your room each day.

We dove no less than twice a day, and sometimes a third, by going in right off the dock before sunrise. It was fascinating hearing the ocean come alive with the first rays of sunlight.

I got a lot of practice in with my beginner’s underwater camera setup. As the week progressed, I got a little better.

Besides diving, we also enjoyed time exploring the island with the group. On one of our last evenings we went to the far side of the island for some authentic island fare – iguana soup, goat, rice and beans. Yum!