Chicago, Day 3

Chicago, Day 3

This morning we had tickets for the Frank Lloyd Wright home and workshop tour. We packed up the van and headed out. This was our last (half) day in Chicago. 

As a young man, Frank Lloyd Wright worked for Adler & Sullivan, an architecture firm in Chicago. He was so good at what he did that, in 1989, he managed to get a loan from his boss for $5,000 to buy land and built his house. The house is built in an East Coast Cottage Style, using leaded glass and the traditional shingle style and dental work. some of the highlights for me were the art glass used in dining room, and the little trivia nugget that Lincoln Logs were designed by his son. All of his children had jobs in the arts.

Prairie style was his preferred style, harkening back to where he grew up. The Robie House, of which a model is on display in a glass case, is a perfect example of this.

Courtyard and the Ginko tree.

In the courtyard of his home is a gingko tree he brought back from a trip to Japan as a sapling. It is enormous now, and beautiful. The gift shop had gingko leaf earrings that I just could not pass up. And of course we bought a pin.

After the tour we decided to drive south and visit the Pullman National Monument before driving on to Milwaukee.