Florence, Italy

Friday, October 13
We are taking a train to our next destination in Florence, about 1.5 hours. The train station was chaotic, it was hard to figure out which platform we were supposed to go to since they didn’t like to post the platform until there was about 10 minutes left to board. Once we found our train, we settled in and the train ride was very comfortable since we were in the first class cabin. We walked to lunch at Mattacina and then to outdoor market. Karen bought a new hand-made leather wallet. Dinner was at Novella Osteria Toscana, and of course gelato afterwards. There seems to be a pattern.

Saturday, October 14
This morning we went on a Florence Highlights walking tour. We walked to the cathedral known as the “Duomo” for its spectacular dome. We walked by the Uffizi Courtyard and the Piazza Signoria and saw many beautiful sculptures including a reproduction of Michelangelo’s David. Later we visited the Uffizi Museum. Karen enjoyed seeing the Birth of Venus painting in person. And we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.

Sunday, October 15
Today we had a nice lazy morning. Edie and Karen took a cooking class, to learn how to make pizza and gelato, while Alan walked about town. It was so much fun and we both came away excited to try the recipes at home.