Here Kitty, Kitty

After a great night’s sleep on our new bedding arrangement, we got up very early and headed to Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve to see if they were blooming. From a distance we could tell they weren’t at peak yet, so we skipped it and headed on to the next target for the day – a search for a Bobcat sighting along Los Gatos Creek Road. Along the way we saw unbelievable numbers of Barn Swallow nests under highway overpasses. The birds were everywhere too – loads of them diving and swooping.

Driving Los Gatos Creek Road with the RV was an experience in itself. To say that this road was desolate would be an understatement. We were in Boofoo. This is not to detract from the scenery – which was stunning – it’s just that the road was narrow, winding, and not in the best shape.

Some of the wildlife we saw along this long stretch of road, was California Quail, California Ground Squirrels, several Bald Eagles in one valley, Western Meadow Larks, and California Scrub Jays. However, no Los Gatos. Sad to say we didn’t even get a hint of a Bobcat anywhere along the way.

Having made prior reservations for the RV, we drove to our next campground in King City, California.